Victorien Sardou

Borderland iv 1897

Quartier des Animaux chez Zoroaster

Most of this issue is devoted to French spiritualism.

Lots of info on Victorien Sardou

Interview with M. Sardou

Discusses his interest in mediumship and his own automatic drawings

And very graciously the maître sits me down at a small table near the window, and brings forward a large portfolio, from which he draws one by one the most fantastic, weird, and wonderful drawings I have ever seen. Nothing can describe them. There is the house of Zoroaster, all in flaming stars and fiery elements ; there is the house of Swedenborg, which has been published here, I believe; and, most strange of all, there is the house of Mozart, drawn in tiny crotchets, quavers, clé de sols, and clé de fas, in most intricate and marvellous designs, symmetrical and yet diverse. Some lines and curves are so perfert as to be impossible to reproduce without the aid of instruments of precision. All these abodes are supposed to be situated in Jupiter. M. Sardou believes them to be purely symbolical.

Quartier des Animaux chez Zoroaster

also extracts from his play and letters.

Article on spiritualism in Paris

Gives a sense of popularity/diversity of spiritualism in France at end of 19th century.


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