Frau Assmann

work by Frau Assmann

A very unfortunately named German automatic painter from Halle, active around 1909.

Was interested in spiritualism and participated in seances but had no artistic training or interest into one day “the spirit” told her she could paint. Following that she would have uncontrollable urge to paint which she would do for several hours at a time in a trance state. Had previously also engaged in automatic writing so we could see this as her training herself to enter mediumistic state. Her interest in spiritualism is important only in that it introduced her to these practices and gave her a desire to answer to non conscience thoughts.

Interesting that this appends to Breton’s belief that automatic writing would liberate literature and make everyone a poet, in this case liberating this woman into being an artist.

Had an exhibit in Berlin and a series of postcards printed in 1908, can’t find color reproductions anywhere.

Assmann in the Annals of Psychical Science (egad!) with 4 images:
The Annals of Psychical Science 1908

Doesn’t sound much better in French (think this is mostly a translation of the english article, only 1 picture):
Annales des Sciences Psychiques 1908

2 articles in German, no pics. Not only is “Assmann” a very funny name its also very popular in Germany, many prolific butt-menschen make searching very hard.

Zeitschrift für Psychologie und Physiologie der Sinnesorgane, Volume 49 1908

Zeitschrift für Parapsychologie 1907

Then loe  and behold the best article is in New York Times archive (only partial pen and ink picture but lots if info):

New York Times Jan 17, 1909


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