André Breton, inspecteur des Eaux et Forêts

Some early mentions of André Breton in english journals, mostly about Paris Dada:

Poet Lore xxxiii 1922
The Life and Deeds of Dada

The Free Man iv Sept 1921
Dada is Dead

The Arts Dec 1920
Art Activities in Post War Paris

Poetry xvii 1920 -1
The Disciples of Gertrude Stein

Interesting in that it claims French modernism has its roots in Gertrude Stein and not the other way around, who knew?

Other poets of similar inspiration are Ph. Soupault, Louis Aragon, Andre Breton, Raymond Radiguet, Gabrielle Buffet, J. Perez Jorba, Pierre Albert Birot, Paul Dermee and Celine Arnauld. I know nothing of them beyond their works. It is noticeable that the style of these ladies and gentlemen, so obscure in their poetry, is comparatively limpid in their advertisements; their names are also easy to read.

Americans, who believe with me that literature is something more than a series of little jokes, “leg-pullings,” “astonishing the grocers,” and so on, must forgive me for throwing the ultimate responsibility for this “new art” upon America. Perhaps Italy, with Marinetti, should bear some of the blame, but Tender Buttons and America are the real parents.

Speaking of americans if your french isn’t that good you can find all kinds of stuff. Apparently a precocious 11 year old Breton was attending seances with a strange delphi cult:

Bulletin By Académie delphinale 1907
Séance du 22 novembre 1907
a M. André Breton, inspecteur des Forêts in attendence

Séance du 6 décembre 1907
apparently a promotion:
André Breton, inspecteur des Eaux et Forêts


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