W.R. Newbold in Popular Science

Series of 12 articles by William Romaine Newbold for Appleton’s Popular Science Monthly, the grandfather of today’s Popular Science.

Newbold was a professor of philosphy at University of Pennsylvania, these articles reflect is interest in psychical research. He activitly carried out experiments involving hypnotic suggestion; you have to marvel at a time when a philosphy professor would carry out experimental philosophy using hypnosis.

Skeptical but without being a douchebag like modern skeptics, he nevertheless reaches very modern conclusions about the phenomena in question. Suggestibility as a root cause, doubts about existence of the subconscience, though from a philosphical rather then scientific basis. He questions the subconscience as a revival of the old theory of the soul, rather then as an unverifiable hypothesis. All in all very good reads, particularly when reading some of the other theorists at the time.

The links are for the scanned bound editions from libraries (which are downloadable), the issues from following this link are single month, no index and not downloadable. Which is odd because they are all public domain.

The bound volumes run from November to April of following year, it gets confusing correalating a month/year to a volume.

Appleton’s Popular Science Monthly vol 48

Appleton’s Popular Science Monthly vol 49

Appleton’s Popular Science Monthly vol 50


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