Camille Flammarion and Sardou

House of Zoroastre

some more Sardou, from

Mysterious psychic forces
by Camille Flammarion 1909

Camille Flammarion was a famous French astronomer, early science fiction writer and spiritualist.

About Sadou he writes:

These curious drawings prove indubitably that the signature ” Bernard Palissy, of Jupiter,” is apocryphal and that the hand of Victorien Sardou was not directed by a spirit from that planet. Nor was it the gifted author himself who planned these sketches and executed them in accordance with a definite plan. They were made while he was in the condition of mediumship. A person is not magnetized, nor hypnotized, nor put to sleep in any way while in that state. But the brain is not ignorant of what is taking place: its cells perform their functions, and act (doubtless by a reflex movement) upon the motor nerves. At that time we all thought Jupiter was inhabited by a superior race of beings. The spiritistic communications were the reflex of the general ideas in the air.

Interesting the interest in early spiritualists in life on different planets, which can be seen as a precursor to modern interest in UFOs. But a key difference is that the spiritualists such as Sardou and Helene Smith only spoke of extraterrestrials of communicating telepathically, not by physically visiting the earth. I would say that it was only the invention of the airplane that added a new element to the “general ideas in the air”, and the automatic accounts of extraterrestrial contact was changed to be actual physical contact and abduction from visitors in UFOs. In this way the modern abductee accounts can be seen in the same light as the spiritualist accounts of alien life, as some form of subconscience/semi-conscience narrative.

A very interesting book, much information about automatic writing too.

Also think googlehand is flashing a gang sign


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