International Exhibition of Modern Art

International Exhibition of Modern Art

The famous armory exibition of 1913.

Art Revolutionists on Exibition in America

The American review of reviews, Volume 47

Very good piece, talks about entire exibit and not just moderns.

Why I Became A Cubist

Everybody’s magazine 43 june 1913

Think this is article that originated “explosion in a shingle factory”, writer is a dick. Interesting that he goes on at length about Gertrude Stein, apparently she was only reference point that Americans at the time had for modernism.

International Exhibition of Modern Art

The American Year Book 1913

The Cube Root of Art

The Independent, Volume 74 jan – jun 1913

This one both gets it and completely misses it in same paragraph:

Much of this new art is not modern in any sense except the chronological. Men were drawing this way five thousand, indeed fifty thousand years ago. We see on some of these canvases the swelled muscles of Babylonian statues, the elongated limbs and misplaced eyes of the Egyptian basreliefs, even the crude animals of the Altamira caverns. Some of these artists have obviously taken lessons from Hindu and Amerind, from Maori and Minoan. It is all right thus to hark back to primitive races and study their work sympathetically. It may well be that mankind has forgotten something in the course of the centuries in which so much has been learned. But that is no reason why we should admire the results of this resurrection of dead art unless it appeals to the modern man by intrinsic merit. These extremists, when their works are not admired, or at least not sold, complain of the times in which they live and lament that they have appeared on earth some centuries too soon. We sympathize with them in this. It is our misfortune no less than theirs. But we cannot help it and we are not willing to admit that the world is now so old that the period of its second childhood in art has arrived.

Later article but funny

Some Remarks Upon Modern Tendencies in Art

The Sewanee review, Volume 28 1920

It has been suggested, in connection with the now famous “Nude Man Descending a Staircase”, by Marcel Duchamp, that if in looking at it one can wink the eyes with sufficient rapidity the figure will assemble its scattered members and proceed to walk down the stairs. I have tried the experiment, but with no great success. I fear that I am unable to wink rapidly enough to meet the cinematic demands of the case, which would be at least fifteen winks to the second.


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