Petrus Borel in Africa

Petrus Borel

Petrus Borel, the Lycanthrope (wolfman) of French decadence. Mentioned in Breton’s Black Humor. In 1850s Borel gave up literature and went to Algeria. There he built a gothic castle and worked as a colonial officer until he was removed, allegedly for sending in statistical reports written in verse! All around good guy, was trying to find a picture of his castle but only found a couple of boring mentions in colonial reports. This might be because of the dispute between google and France about copyright on French published books; merde!

Dictionnaire universel des contemporains 1858

M. Borel a abandonné la littérature; il est aujourd’hui inspecteur de la colonisation à Mostaganem.

Almanach national 1850
listed as Inspectuer, 3rd class

Almanach national 1854
listed as Inspectuer, 2nd class

couple of mentions in regards to cotton and henna cultivation:

Itinéraire historique et descriptif de l’Algérie 1862

L’Algérie et les colonies françaises 1877

Family coat of arms



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