How I Built My Dream Palace by Cheval

The Wide World: The Magazine For Everybody, Volume 42, Nov 1918
How I Built My Dream Palace

Postman Cheval,the maître incontesté de l’architecture et de la sculpture médianimiques, describes building his ideal palace in his own words. Particularly interesting is how he describes creating a mental image of the entire construction over several years, with a photographic exactness. Then one faithful morning in 1879 he tripped over a rock and started the project that would take the next 34 years.

Next day, as soon as my duty was over, I took my wheelbarrow to the place, six miles off, where I had seen the stones, and came back with a load of them, which I put in the little garden in front of my house. I did this every day for several months, and eventually had a pretty large pile in my garden. My neighbours began to take notice of this dailytrundling after these stones. At first they thought I was accumulating material to sell to the road surveyor, but I soon disabused their minds of such a notion.

“Then what do you intend to do with them?” they would ask.

“I am going to build a palace,” was my reply.

Whole magazine is great, tons of illustrations of savage animals and people. Max Ernst would have a field day with this.


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