Vanity Fair Nov 1922

December 29, 2009

Yvonne George

Vanity Fair

Pretty cool 3 pages:

Page 49
Yvonne George: Late of Chez Fisher; Now of Ours

Yvonne was the beloved of Robert Desnos, who wrote some of his best poems to her. Short article of her working in NYC with a picture.

Page 50
A New Method of Realizing the Artistic Possibilities of Photography

Very early article about Man Ray’s rayographs. So early that he is still called a painter! Four rayographs and a pic of the artist.

Page 51
News of the Seven Arts in Europe

News of the arts in Europe by none other then Tristan Tzara himself. Mentions Arp, Ernst (who was then still in Cologne), two new Dada books in Paris (by Soupault and Eluard), Henri Rousseau retrospective.

Tzara then gives an interesting account of the collapse of Breton’s Congress of Paris, never thought that Peret was ever not in Breton’s camp (text is a little chopped off on the right):

A storm, memorable in the annals of modern art, has lately disturbed our life in Paris. A group of artist’s decision to hold a sort of convention in defense of modern art; unfortunately they at once proved themselves dogmatists of the narrowest kind, with a straightness of view which could not leave us cold. Satie and I organized a meeting of protest which buried the Convention and discredited its members. We issued a little pamphlet Le Coeur a Barbe. Contributors: Satie, Ribemont-Dessaignes, Eluard, Peret, Soupault, Fraenkel and I. The paper on which it was printed was of a vulgar pink: a housewife would not hesitate to wrap a camembert in Le Coeur a Barbe. The cover looked like a rebus, but only a haphazard mixture of pictures from catalogues of 30 years ago.